The Comedy King


September 15, 2011


I figured out a reason why American’s and Canadian’s don’t like each other.  Let’s just describe Canada people, Canadians if you will. Canadian’s are known to be skinnier more health conscious, their health care is suppose to be years ahead of America’s.  Their races are mixing like bunnies.   I view it kind of like America in the future.  But the question is….Is the future actually better?

Let’s look back in time a little. What was better the 2000’s or the nineties?  I would have to say the nineties.  Now what about then the nineties vs. the eighties?  I would have to say the eighties probably.  Then what about 80’s vs 70’s!!! I would have to say seventies.   So if Canada is America in the future then the future is pretty lame.